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> Blue Ray Playback
post Oct 22 2008, 05:34 AM
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<P>I have been using Nero products from version 5, 6, 7 and now 8.</P>
<P>My pc is an HP Pavilion Media Center m8400f Quad core Phenom 2.2 gig, 3 gig ram, 2 sata hds 320 gig each, Nvida 8500 gt /256mb hdmi to a Toshiba 32 in tv, Realteck spfid audio to external reciver.</P>
<P>I just bought&nbsp; Indiana Jones Kingdomom of the Crystal Skull blueray,&nbsp; it plays the beging of the disk with a white box in the center.</P>
<P>When the disk playes all I see is a blank white screan, this is with the main and bonus disk.</P>
<P>I have rented a few movies from bloskbuster and the have&nbsp; a difrent issue with the control window not clossing out comlpetly at the botom of the screan.</P>
<P>I did a teck request 5 days ago with no reply. </P>
<P>My system is not maxed out on any level and dvds play fine.</P>
<P>This will be the last nero ver. I buy.<
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post Oct 29 2008, 03:30 AM
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I am having similar problems with several discs: Transformers, Jumper and others. I am running winXP x64, SP3, nero 8, currently an Asus 4850 video card. The same problems happened with my 8800GTS card as well. Some of the white boxes happen where menus are, but other seem random.

I've tried several different versions of nero 8, including the latest, but they all have this problem.
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post Nov 1 2008, 05:53 PM
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Tech support got back to me, asked all kinds of questions about hardware and such. Told me to buy Nero 9 because it has Blueray support, gues they dont read the support request and just give a usless response with more questions. So I sent them my licences including the blue ray plugin, there answer was too run a tool at this address for system cof. and send t to them."GetSupportFiles.zip" http://www.nero.com/link.php?topic_id=209&gen_id=8 Issue is with Show Time I know this pc can run blueray playback with no issue. I have looked at some posts here and it looks like its software related not hardware. This is the answer they gave me.
The problem you describe can have several causes. As a result, we require specific information for further analysis.
Please proceed with the following steps and send us the required information:

1. The Log archive NeroSupport.cab
2. Information on your source video file
3. Information about your Hardware

The Log archive NeroSupport.cab

Please click the following link in order to download the file "GetSupportFiles.zip" to your hard drive:


Extract the zipped file on your hard drive using WinZip or WinRAR. Start the tool by double-clicking on the EXE-file.
-> The window "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe" will open.
The execution of the tool may take some minutes.
You can track the single steps in the displayed window.

After the tool has run successfully, you will find a file called "NeroSupport.cab" on your desktop.

Please send us this file as an email attachment.

Additionally, we would like to point out some particularities of the tool "GetSupportFiles":

The following information will be gathered:
- All available log files of different Nero applications
- System information gathered by the Windows tool "MSInfo32"
- Information on the installed DirectX version. For this, the Windows application "DXDiag" will be used.
- The "SchedLgU.txt" log file. This file contains information on currently scheduled tasks (e.g. the JobScheduler in Nero BackItUp)
- Extracts from the registry:
a. Information on the settings with which Nero applications run.
b. Information on how your drives have been installed.

Please note:
In case the tool "GetSupportFiles" crashes, please start it again. The tool "GetSupportFiles" will automatically recognize which diagnostics program caused the crash. Once the tool is restarted, it will omit the program which has caused the crash.

Information on your source video file

a. Where does the source video file come from?
From an original store bought BD-ROM (if so, please indicate the exact title), a downloaded video file from the Internet, recorded with a standalone recorder, a recording from a TV capture card, a camcorder,...?

b. Is the source video file saved on your hard drive or is it accessed from a Blu-ray Disk (or another external device)?

c. If you created/converted the video file by yourself from another file:
Which format did the original file have? Can you play the original file without any problems?

d. Does the error occur with other video files in this format as well or just with this particular video file? When you play back video files in other formats, do you also get a bad picture quality?

e. Can you play back the video file on your PC? If you can, which player is used? (WinDVD, PowerDVD, ...)

f. What kind of audio Format do you use ( DTS, Dolby True HD...)?

Information about your Hardware

a. How is your monitor/TV connected to your PC (AGB, DVI, HDMI..)?
In Ccse you use a PC monitor, please indicate the exact type and manufacturer.

b. How is the audio track put out (SPDIF, directly to PC speakers, AV-Receiver)?
In case you use an AV receiver, please indicate the exact type and manufacturer.

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post Feb 9 2009, 10:11 AM
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Also had the white screens, also had extensive contact with Nero Support. But no solution. Latest Nero 8 update shows no improvement (Showtime It's a BD+ problem. Nero 9 as a solution? On the website you find no information on blu-ray capabilties with Nero 9... It's a pitty because I liked Showtime. Other BD-players have less/no problems. You can read about my experiences at http://www.digidoors.com/shuttle-sg33g5m-bd-problems

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