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> I really need help
post Jun 2 2009, 01:19 PM
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I'm a complete noob who has been unable to burn a DVD Video yet. I bought an external HP writer with the bundled Nero software and learned that I needed to upgrade to te full version (9), which I've done.

I produced and published an FLV file that I'm trying to burn, and was told that I'd need to covert it an MP4 to play on a TV (I converted it so I have both an FLV and MP4 of the program). In StartSmart, I select Rip and Burn -> Burn Video Disc, but can't my files. It's looking for an .bup, .vob, or .ifo and says that to make a DVD-video, I must use and DVD Authorig tool such as Nero Vision.

In Nero Vision, I select Make DVD -> DVD Video -> Import -> Import Files. It sees the FLV but not the MP4. I can play and see the FLV in Nero Vision. I select Export and tried Nero Digital -> Nero Digitial Standard, thinking that maybe that will convert the file to the Nero structure that it was looking for in StartSmart (Express I believe). But it exports it as an MP4, which Express can't see.

I've tried many, many other things that looked promising, but always ends up with a failure. I'm really lost and hope that you can give me some simple step-by-steps to burn my FLV onto a DVD. By the way, I produced the video in an 800x600 format, and haven't seen that as an option in any of my many failed attempts.

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post Jun 5 2009, 02:41 PM
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Hi cadnaz,

to play your videos on your external dvd player you have to burn a Video-DVD. A video DVD you can burn with both, Nero Exress (I see this is what you have been trying) and with Nero Vision. There is no need for you to convert the flv file to mp4.

Nero Express only supports bup, .vob, or .ifo video files when creating a Video-DVD. So as your video files are flv, you will have to use Nero Vision, as Nero Vision supports this format.

You can burn your flv directly with Nero Vision to DVD, there is no need for you to convert and export the file to mp4 first.

The easiest way is in Nero Vision to select: Make DVD -> DVD Video -> Import -> Import Files > Import your original flv files. Then click on "Next" until you get to the "Burn options" screen (you can edit your files and make a menu for the DVD if you want to). On the Burn Options screen select your recorder as destination and burn the flv files into a Video DVD. This DVD you will be able to playback on your DVD player.

Just as extra info, if you select "Write to hard disc folder" the disc will be written to your hard disc, and the structure will be the one that you need if you want to burn the DVD with Nero Express. But still, is easiest and fastest way is to burn the flv files directly with Nero Vision.

Hope that this info helps you!

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post Aug 2 2009, 08:05 PM
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I think Nero is just ripping people off!!..I going to return my dvd burner ...along with the piece of Shift software that I got from Nero. I'm gonna go to Roxio instead or other software that lets me burn what I need and not rip me off!!
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post Jan 25 2010, 06:06 PM
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Jocote46- who told you that you have to use MPEG-4 to watch on TV. Nonsense!

Note that mpeg-4 is the Nero Digital format.

Secondly, if Vision couldn't see the MPEG-4 it might have been in the wrong folder. However, if you exported it in Nero Digital format, it would be a .nd file. Check it out.

Most people burn in Burning Rom. Unless you want to do video editing, add effects, etc. -that's what I would use.

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